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Actium in de huid

In gebruik.

Een korte docu die we schoten in een Amsterdamse tattoo shop. De legendarische Henk Schiffmacher voegt een nieuwe letter toe aan Dan Rhatigan’s arm vol typografische tatoeages. Deze keer de eer aan een karakter van ons lettertype Actium, de ‘W’ van de black italic font zwart in de huid geïnkt. Wat voor toepassing van het lettertype kan dit ooit nog overtreffen?


In gebruik, Inspiratie.

Subject: Re: Questions for use Actium
From: Dodo
Date: 12/13/10 6:09 PM
To: gerben@typemafia.com

Unfortunately, you’re right. Last week we decided which fonts to pick and even though I plead for your typeface, it wasn’t picked.

My professor said that your typeface is too similar to the “scalasyntax-world” and quotes it too much (also Kievit, The Sans). Besides that, she doesn’t think that it will work fine in charts and lists, which the university calendar mainly is. Kind of sad, because I think with all the OpenType functions it could have looked very appealing.

It’s like with a girl I met once. After weeks of hanging out together, we realised that we were into each other. But she wanted to stick with her boyfriend at that time, so I will now forever wonder if it would have worked out between us. In this scenario I’m the university calendar, your font is the girl and her boyfriend is my professor.

Anyway, like the girl I will always love your font and hopefully will buy it someday. Maybe there will be a good use for other projects the next semesters.